1. Tips For Successful Dancing

    As one of the best venues for live music in Manchester, Murphy’s Taproom is no stranger to fun. From our menu of mouth-watering pub food to over 100 beers on tap, we know how to set the tone for a good time when the band takes the stage. Dancing is encouraged, but of course nobody is required to participate. If you’re one of those people who wishes they were more comfortable dancing in public,…Read More

  2. The Perfect Place For A Date

    So you’ve met somebody new and the potential for romance is high; congratulations! Now it’s time to plan your first date. But be careful: the location you choose could go a long way in setting the tone for the evening, in turn affecting your chances for future dates and the possibility of things getting more serious. You’ll want to make sure to select a spot that’s fun and inviting, while …Read More

  3. Tips For Drinking Responsibly

    At Murphy’s Taproom, we take pride in being Manchester’s beloved Irish pub, a place where people come together to enjoy dinner and drinks with friends and family. We are committed to keeping our taproom a fun, safe place for everybody that visits. While we know there are many that like to indulge in the relaxing effects of alcohol, we also want to make sure it doesn’t interfere with anybody…Read More

  4. Why We’re A Pub And Not A Bar

    With an enormous selection of beer on tap, a full calendar of live music and comedy, and a pub food menu packed with mouth watering meals and appetizers, it’s no wonder why Murphy’s Taproom is one of the most popular pubs in all of Manchester. One question we get all the time is, what makes Murphy’s a pub and not a bar? For those who are curious, here’s the difference between the two types…Read More

  5. Come For The Beer, Stay For The Atmosphere

    All across the city of Manchester, New Hampshire, hundreds of liquor stores crowd busy street corners, shopping plazas, and grocery store parking lots. With a ready supply of cheap beer, liquor, and wine so abundantly available, one might wonder why anybody would ever choose to drink anywhere but within the comfort of their own home. There are many answers to that question, but one of the best one…Read More

  6. The History Of The Cheeseburger

    What food represents the American pub food experience better than the cheeseburger? A staggering 103 million of these classic sandwiches are eaten on average every day in this country. The cheeseburger appears on clothing, toys, refrigerator magnets, and even has songs written about it. But what are the origins of this nationally revered food item? As one might guess, hamburgers (sans cheese) get …Read More

  7. Respect The Band!

    As one of Manchester’s best places to enjoy live music over some delicious beer and food, Murphy’s Taproom takes great pride in bringing the area’s hottest talent to our stage. We love the musicians who play at our venue, and so does our audience. We want all of our artists to know how much they’re appreciated by both the staff at Murphy’s and our patrons. Here are a few items of live mu…Read More

  8. All About IPAs

    With the explosion of popularity in craft brewing over recent years, today we enjoy the benefit of being able to sample many different kinds of beer with origins from all over the world. In many cases, tap rooms such as Murphy’s in Manchester offer so many choices of beers on tap that it would take months of dedication to sample them all. One of our most popular kinds of beer is India pale ales,…Read More

  9. Why Watch The Game At Home?

    Murphy’s Taproom is proud to be a place of gathering for people from Manchester and beyond. And while it’s been shown that our pub has a great way of bringing people together, the same is true of professional sports. The sight of a crowd filling an entire stadium, united in the colors of their team and undivided in cheering their every victory, is truly a sight to behold. On game nights, a pub…Read More

  10. Meeting People At Your Local Manchester Irish Pub

    Normally, we go to the local Irish pubs in Manchester on weekends, with great big groups of friends. This is the stuff that brunch stories are made of, but not always the best way to meet people (if you’re looking to meet people). Venturing out to a pub by yourself may seem awkward and intimidating, but in reality it’s a great way to meet potential love interests. Here are five tips on ho…Read More