Beer has been the catalyst for a variety of things, but one that stands out most is its ability to unite people across a variety of social standings regardless of hierarchy or division. With socializing comes a plethora of progressive moves, including new ideas and new friends. From the first recipe to the barrier breaking abilities of today’s varied cultures, beer has grabbed claim to the title of the great socializer.

Early Civilization

Early on in human history, beer played an important role. This becomes increasingly apparent as more and more history becomes uncovered. In fact the first written recipe is for beer, dating back over 4000 years, the Sumerians found this recipe so important, it was the first to be documented. As far back as 3100 B.C., tablets have been found discussing beer as a ration for workers.

Beer In Constructing Society

Beyond its earliest discovery, beer has been used for the creation of societal norms, such as the Code Of Urukagina, which declares beer as a core unit of payment. Beer is often cited as a core part of early German and Persian deliberation, where important decisions were made over a drink and then reviewed once sober.

Beer For Today

Today we gather in establishments such as Murphy’s Taproom to commingle with people from various backgrounds and cultures. We will have families with small children next to businessmen, and college students next to bikers, regardless of their claim in culture, beer and food provide a uniting piece in which anyone can socialize together. This is just an example of the great socializer at work in today’s world.