Beer is one of those things that we never have enough time to talk about, even if we have all the time in the world. As Manchester’s Top rated Local tap room, we offer over 120 different beers on tap, and we seem to draw a lot of questions about beer. Lucky for you, we are always ready to answer your questions. Below are some of our favorites.

Why Do Most Beers Use Dark Bottles?
Beer companies use dark bottles because the introduction of light to beer is the only way for a beer to skunk. Like it sounds, skunked beer develops a stink and a poor flavor. We like to say that’s why bars keep it dark too, but we all know people just look better in dim light.

How Long Has Beer Been Around?
While the beer we serve is kept fresh, beer in general has been in existence for quite some time. Beer is the first recorded recipe at over 4000 years old. Apparently the Sumerians had as much of a love for their beer as we do.

How long will my hangover last?
We all know the dreaded hangover, and if you don’t, then lucky you! Odds are your hangover will be gone within the day, but we would bet that it won’t be as bad as one man’s record setting hangover which lasted 4 weeks after consuming 60 pints of beer.

Which Is Better Bottle, Tap, Or Can?
This depends on a couple things, your preferred method of consumption and the quality of each. Beer out of a can is completely void of air and light keeping it ultra-fresh, but many people dislike the slight tin taste that may accompany a canned beer. We love bottles, but our well-cleaned tap lines keep a beer as fresh as you can get.

Are you still looking for answers? Then drop by Murphy’s Tap Room, grab a pint, a bit of food, and ask away! Murphy’s Tap Room offers live music, food, beer on tap, and an awesome deck.