Murphy’s Taproom is proud to be a place of gathering for people from Manchester and beyond. And while it’s been shown that our pub has a great way of bringing people together, the same is true of professional sports. The sight of a crowd filling an entire stadium, united in the colors of their team and undivided in cheering their every victory, is truly a sight to behold. On game nights, a pub like Murphy’s Taproom is the perfect location to enjoy beer and sports together with your fellow fans.

Sure, you could watch the game at home, but who’s going to be there to cheer with you in the high moments of the game? Who’s going to share your anguish when it looks like it may be the end for your team? And who else will be able to understand your elation after watching the good guys dig deep and pull off a jaw-dropping Hail Mary victory? At Murphy’s there’s never a shortage of people to enjoy watching the game with you. There’s also never a shortage of delicious food and beers to keep your appetite sated as you watch the game with your fellow fans.

The next time you’re wondering where to watch the big game, look no further than Murphy’s Taproom. With large, high-definition TVs on every wall, there are no bad seats in our pub. And you’ll never run out of beer, food, or great conversation with your fellow sports fanatics. Make plans to watch the next game at Murphy’s!