You’re headed out to your favorite Irish Pub in Manchester, New Hampshire, you know you want a beer and you know you want food, but how do you decide what would be best together? You could ask one of the helpful servers, or your could take a shot at choosing your own pairing. Unlike wine, beer can be extremely easy to pair, and there truly is no wrong answer. It’s true that certain beers will bring out the flavors of your favorite foods, but even with odd pairings you are more than likely going to enjoy both the beer and the food. But if you are looking for ideal pairings check out our pairing guidelines below, and remember they are only guidelines, not rules.

Hefeweizen and Wheat Beers – These light colored beers are brewed with a larger portion of wheat rather than barley. Hefeweizens fermented with specific yeasts cast overtones of clove and banana, due to the fermentation. Their light taste complements desert using cinnamon, clove, or nutmeg, as well as fruit dishes and salads. These are also great on a warm summer day.

Ambers – Amber beers are copper – reddish brown in color, and often a catch-all for anything that is lighter than a dark ale. Not as bitter as an IPA and not as sweet as a Wheat, ambers go well with a variety of foods; burgers, roast chicken, stews, and sandwiches. If you aren’t sure about a pairing, try drinking an Amber with it.

India Pale Ales – The strong taste and bitterness of an IPA allows it to take on richer food flavors. Try pairing an IPA with pizza, fried chicken, seafood, or pulled pork. If you want to up the spice of your hot wings, trying an IPA will boost that kick.

Stouts – The dark malty flavor goes great with just about any meat or rich desert. For bonus points try adding some ice cream to your beer for a stout float.Check out our

Check out our food and beer menu to decide what pairings you want to go for tonight, or come on in to Murphy’s Taproom in Manchester, NH and talk with one of our helpful bartenders or waiters.