There is something special about seeing music in a live setting. It’s different from listening to a recording, because you only get one chance to experience the performance. Once it’s over, it can never be exactly repeated. Spontaneity is an integral part of the experience. In the best of circumstances a bond is formed between the performers and the audience, and amongst the audience members themselves. Friendships are formed, good times are shared, and everybody gets down! Few things in this life can liberate us self-conscious, awkward human beings like a good jam to get us dancing. This freedom from the mundane worries of “what will they think of me?” can be intoxicating, and it’s one of the few highs that’s totally guilt-free. Dancing is as good for your body as it is for your soul.

Murphy’s Taproom is proud to serve the Manchester live music scene as a concert venue. We keep a fresh rotation of diverse talent moving across our stage, so you’ll be sure to hear something you love. We believe that live entertainment completes the picture that makes our pub the perfect atmosphere. Cold beers on tap, mouth-watering pub food, and live bands…who could ask for more? Check out our calendar and come on out for an unforgettable experience. Don’t be surprised if the music compels you to dance and you end up with some new friends by the end of the night! For the best food, drink, and live music in Manchester, you can’t beat Murphy’s Taproom.