As one of the best venues for live music in Manchester, Murphy’s Taproom is no stranger to fun. From our menu of mouth-watering pub food to over 100 beers on tap, we know how to set the tone for a good time when the band takes the stage. Dancing is encouraged, but of course nobody is required to participate. If you’re one of those people who wishes they were more comfortable dancing in public, here are a few ideas to help you loosen up.

Be Yourself!

It’s important to recognize the fact that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to dance. The way you dance to your favorite song alone at home should be no different than what you do in a public live music setting. If you’re self-conscious, just remember that nobody is judging you. Everybody else is probably way more focused on their own dancing than with what you’re doing, so let go and enjoy yourself!

Have A Drink!

Our pub’s dance floor is not a place to be shy. Only when you are feeling relaxed and comfortable will the best dance moves come to you. While it’s always important to drink responsibly, having a drink or two can go a long way toward releasing you from the shackles of your inhibitions.

Feel The Music!

Alcohol is by no means a necessity for good dancing, and often live music can be just as intoxicating. When you’re really into a band, you’ll be able to not only hear the music, but feel it as well. When that happens, you won’t have to think about how to dance; your body will simply move along with the music!

Be sure to check our entertainment calendar and come visit our Manchester pub for live music that will have you dancing all night!