As one of Manchester’s best places to enjoy live music over some delicious beer and food, Murphy’s Taproom takes great pride in bringing the area’s hottest talent to our stage. We love the musicians who play at our venue, and so does our audience. We want all of our artists to know how much they’re appreciated by both the staff at Murphy’s and our patrons. Here are a few items of live music etiquette to help everybody show gratitude to the musicians that work so hard to entertain us all.

Talking If you’re taking up room at the front of the stage, it should go without saying that you’re there to give the band your undivided attention. Don’t carry on a conversation in plain view of the band when you can just as easily move to the back of the room to chat. Let somebody who wants to see the band have your spot!

Applause Of course, clapping after a song is appreciated by the band, as are enthusiastic whoops of encouragement. Just be careful to keep it about the band, and not you. Shouting out comments to be funny, for example, takes attention away from the musicians. They’re the ones working hard onstage, so let them have the recognition they deserve.

Phones As with talking, nobody is telling you that you can’t have your phone out. But if you’re occupying space near the front of the stage, keep it put away. It’s fine if you want to snap a picture, but don’t spend the next five minutes sharing it on social media and watching for comments as the band plays. Give them your attention, and share the musical experience with the people around you.

If you’re interested in attending the next live music event at Murphy’s Taproom, you can check our calendar here. See you by the stage!