All across the city of Manchester, New Hampshire, hundreds of liquor stores crowd busy street corners, shopping plazas, and grocery store parking lots. With a ready supply of cheap beer, liquor, and wine so abundantly available, one might wonder why anybody would ever choose to drink anywhere but within the comfort of their own home. There are many answers to that question, but one of the best ones is that not everybody wants to spend all their free time at home. Many people would rather enjoy having a drink in a different setting, and that’s where Murphy’s Taproom comes in.

Our Irish pub has all the charms of the things you can’t get at home: A selection of over 120 beers on tap, a menu full of mouth-watering pub food, the chance to interact with Manchester’s locals, and live music. There’s nothing like enjoying a flavorful microbrew while watching a live band playing on the Murphy’s stage. And with a calendar full of great comedy, trivia, and live music events, you can be sure that any night you spend at Murphy’s will be an enjoyable one.

Come to Murphy’s Taproom and get the atmosphere you just won’t find at home. And speaking of atmosphere, if you like traditional American food in a classic diner setting, be sure to check out Murphy’s Diner, where breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served every day of the week. With all the great options for food, drinks, and live music that Murphy’s offers, don’t be surprised if we become your home away from home!